Plus One Minus One (P1M1)


P1M1 provides optimization and location based predictive analytics software for various industries.

P1M1 will help you minimize risk and maximize your chance of achieving your objectives. We are the trusted expert for solving the most complex challenges so you can grow your business and achieve your aspirations — Problem Understood and Solution Delivered.

One of our primary strengths is a deep, yet diverse offering across many facets of industry and business operations. Our Decision Support Platforms focus on:

  • Prediction
  • Critical Inventory Analysis
  • Order Planning
  • Route Optimization
  • Re-Optimization

PlusOneMinusOne has specialised products suite for its Banking customers.

Other than Cash+, there is a location analytics product answering geographical questions of banking industry at a strategic level. Such as, where exactly (in 100x100mt. Grid scale) next 100 ATMs will need to be deployed, to get the most transaction volume out of it?

Task+, a work force optimization product. Task+ has simulation tools help strategic planners to answer questions such as “What SLA target should I aim to achieve with my existing resources?” or “What amount of resource do I need to achieve my overall SLA target?”