Managed Testing Services

Managed Testing Services

Managed Services

VIS provides complete Quality Assurance Services which could be leveraged by both the Business / IT division of any organization including Banks & Insurance organizations. The division will comprise of highly skilled consultants ( 1000 +)  covering Test Managers, Business Analysts, and Automated Testers as well as Domain testers. VIS will work closely with organizations by testing Change Requests as part of BAU testing or Project-based testing by taking full ownership of the entire new project. VIS will work closely with clients to define appropriate testing methodologies for optimum results based on the project size and complexity. The workload distribution will also depend on the number of projects going in parallel to be handled by a combination of the core team and quickly ramping up and down the Flexi team on a need basis.

Automation will be leveraged to reduce time to market, as well as provide real-time Dashboards on the progress of the project.

Performance Testing runs will be carried out in the earlier rounds along with functional testing to identify issues earlier in the life cycle.



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