Universal Technology Soln - TESTMAGIC


TESTMAGIC -  AI base Test Automated Solution – TESTING of Digital (Web and Mobile) as well as core applications seamless thus enhancing ROI of customers.

As there is continuous changes happening on channels, there is need to have automated Regression testing & Monitoring to save time and efforts. Some of salient features of product are

  • Solution provides Scriptless Test Automation & Monitoring using AI and RPA based concepts. This reduces the maintenance of scripts significantly compared to old technologies.
  • Single script for Functional, Performance, SecurityService Virtualisation, RPA- All under single umbrella
  • Compatibility Analysis - Same script could be used to test multiple browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox etc in one go  
  • Compatibility Analysis   -Same script made on Android could be used to test/Monitor Iphone and vice versa
  • Solution has capability to enter ARABIC Data from external data sources. 

Solution has Service Virtualisation module which could be used for 

  1. API testing 
  2. Test new front end when back end services are not ready
  3. Reduce test environments (Quick testing of channels or other applications when end to end environment are not available)

Solution has RPA module which could be used for automating various repetitive and complex activities in the organisation.

We have satisfied customers in MiddleEast using our solution.